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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have wanted to create something different and tasty using white Northern beans. After searching the internet for different white bean chili recipes, I created the following White Bean Chicken Chili for my family. I cooked a big roasting chicken in the crockpot the day before and used the leftover meat and gravy in the chili. I made mine in the crockpot on high for 1 hour and then down to low for the next 4 hours. I think cooked ground chicken would be nice to give it a more chili-like texture (similar to chili made with ground beef). I don't like my chili too spicy so I didn't use any jalepenos. If you like things hot and spicy throw those jalepenos in and possibly use a bit more chili powder. If you try this, I hope you like it as much as my whole family did!!
White Bean Chicken Chili
Serves 6

1 lb dry white Northern beans
1 pound of cooked chicken (cut up in bite-sized pieces or ground)
1 medium yellow or white onion –medium dice
2 stalks celery – medium dice
1 large carrot –medium dice
4 cloves (4 tbsp) minced/crushed garlic
4 to 6 cups of chicken stock (depending on how thick you want your chili)
1 to 1-1/2 cups chicken gravy (either leftover or canned/bottled)
1 yellow or orange bell pepper –medium dice
1 small can of diced chilis
(Optional if you like it spicier -1 small can of diced jalepeno peppers)
1-1/2 tbsp chili powder
1-1/2 tbs ground cumin
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp Olive Oil

Cover the dry beans with water (2 inches above beans) in a dutch oven and allow to soak overnight. Drain off water.

In the Olive Oil, sauté the onion, celery, carrot and garlic until just tender. Add the beans, chicken stock and dry spices. Allow to come to a boil then cover and turn it down to simmer for about 3 hours or until the beans have become tender. Stir in the cooked chicken, chicken gravy, bell pepper and canned chilis. Simmer for an additional 20 mins. Salt and pepper to taste.

You can also make this in a crock pot – just remember to not add the chicken, gravy, bell pepper and canned chilis until the last ½ hour for best flavor.

Serve in a bowl with shredded cheese, a dollop of sour cream and green onions. Goes well with either cornbread or warm tortillas.


Melissa Peterman said...

One of my favorite things is white bean chili! If I was making it for myself, I would definitely add the jalapenos!

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen said...

This sounds so good! I love all the flavors!